Since 2021 NAVICUS.LAW became one of the leading law firm in maritime law in Russia contributing to shipping arbitration and promotion LMAA activity in Russia.

Through LMAA Supporting Membership NAVICUS.LAW partner Konstantin Putrya, PhD, now is willing to accept appointments as arbitrator.

Russian and foreign shipping and maritime industry members looking for Konstantin’s appointment as arbitrator are welcome to contact him directly to get more information.

More maritime disputes are referred to arbitration in London than to any other place where arbitration services are offered. In 2020 LMAA members received about 3,010 new arbitration appointments and more than 523 awards were published by them. One of the main objects of the LMAA is “to advance and encourage the professional knowledge of London maritime arbitrators and, by recommendation and advice, to assist the expeditious procedure and disposal of disputes”