April 6, 2020

COVID-19 impact on legal and shipping industry in Russia

In early 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).
As well as other countries where drastic measures have been already taken by the state authorities Russia is being affected by the virus issue.
Different areas of our everyday lives are concerned including legal and shipping industries.
Thus, officially instructed by the Supreme court of Russia as of 19 of March 2020 and until 10 of April 2020 almost all court proceeding activities are suspended and even court premises are strictly restricted for visiting, all the court hearings are delayed and only the matters of urgency are still subject of courts attention like preliminary provisional remedies, provisional remedies etc.
Port and Sanitary authorities follow the guidelines provided by the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor). The list of countries affected by the coronavirus is orderly updated and requires new measures to obtain free practice of the vessels like compulsory crew screening, testing and disinfection. Different regulations are introduced like specific pre-arrival check of documents, shore leave restrictions, screening and testing crew members, disinfection. Cargo and bunker operations are allowed under specific authorization to be given by the Rospotrebnadzor.
Recently NAVICUS.LAW advised some foreign and Russian supply companies and ship-owners to advise on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, questions specifically related to the breach of contract relationships like supply contracts and transshipment agreements, reviewing of charter parties, force-majeure coronavirus quarantine clause, contractual responsibilities of the parties and its limitation, ship operation delays and demurrage, costs of disinfection as well some issues related to the state and port authorities’ restriction.
Ship arrest is the apart question. From one hand, all courts are closed for receipt of the documents. From other hand, Supreme Court instructed the courts to consider such kind of urgent issues. Ship arrests is well known for its unexpectedness and promptness to be effective. Meanwhile closed court premises prevent from arranging documentary issues effectively whilst certain lawyers are able to file the motions to arrest assets by the electronic way without visiting the court premises.
It seems that the COVID-19 impact is only on its early stage.
NAVICUS.LAW keep monitoring the situation in courts and in ports, extending a helping hand to those who needs it and contribute to the supply chain, contractual crisis management, dispute resolution and insurance in the shipping and international trade commerce.

December 31, 2019

NAVICUS.LAW became a winner of the national law firm ranking Pravo-300 being recognized as a leader among shipping law practices in Russia.

We a very proud to announce that 5 December 2019 the independent and the most acknowledged Russian national ranking awarded NAVICUS.LAW team with this honorary distinction.

The ranking has relied upon many factors such as client’s references and the opinion of the Experts’ Board members which includes the heads of legal departments from top Russian and international companies.

We would like to express our particular gratitude to our clients and the Pravo - 300 ranking’ experts for such appreciation of our work.

For more information about the ranking, please, visit https://300.pravo.ru/en/rating/47/?from=catalog

March 13, 2019

Chambers Europe recommends Navicus in Shipping

On the 7th of March, 2019, Chambers & Partners published a new edition of its international guide, Chambers Europe 2019.

Navicus is listed among the best Russian law firms in Shipping practice again. Chambers’ analysts highlighted Navicus as a “popular choice for international firms on Russian law aspects of cross-border disputes”, and the clients praise the team’s performance in the courtroom, noting: “They are very thorough, providing prompt and detailed advice and ensuring that our claim is progressed through the Russian courts.

February 15, 2019

RIGHTS OF SUPERFICIES AND BUILDING RIGHTS| The February issue of “Zakon” magazine publishes an article by Konstantin Putrya

The author explains how the ownership of erected buildings and constructions can be enjoyed by the owner of a building right during the validity period of such right. It further analyses the advisability and appropriateness of using one or another model of building rights for Russian reforms of property rights.

To find the full text of the article in Russian please visit Zakon website.

August 20, 2018

Philip Vagin joins our team

Lex Navicus Concordia is pleased to announce that our team is expanding, with Philip Vagin joining as an associate.
His areas of expertise are international trade law, Russian and English commercial law. Philip speaks and is a competent translator between, Russian, English and Spanish.
We welcome Philip to our team and hope for long and productive cooperation!

July 24, 2018

The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2018 Edition

Lex Navicus Concordia contributed to the 6th edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2018

This guide provides the international practitioner and in-house counsel with a comprehensive worldwide legal analysis of shipping laws and regulations.

The full guide is also available at the ICGL website:

June 2, 2018

Aleksandra Aleksenko joins our team

Lex Navicus Concordia is pleased to announce that our team is expanding, with Aleksandra Aleksenko joining as an associate.
Aleksandra has previously practised in Moscow, and her area of expertise is commercial litigation as well as contractual and tax law. Aleksandra speaks and is a competent translator between
Russian, English, and French.
We welcome Aleksandra to our team and hope for long and productive cooperation!

August 19, 2017

14th Shiparrested.com Conference

We are proud to post the group photo of the 2017 14th Shiparrested.com conference, co-hosted by Lex Navicus Concordia in St. Petersburg. The full set of about 300 photos will be available shortly for all Shiparrested.com members at http://shiparrested.com/project/2017-annual-members-meeting/

P.S. The video of the event will soon be available as well! 😉

August 15, 2017


Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the network’s mainstay event where it began in 2004, the city of Malaga and the Shiparrested.com network alike have grown exponentially since then. The Shiparrested.com network was delighted to invite our members once again to this lively city on May 24-26, 2018 to network within the industry at our annual conference.
Located on the western edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga is the capital of southern Spain’s “Sun Coast”. It has a rich and unique history dating back to the Phoenicians who founded the city in the 8th century BC. The city has also been inhabited by Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors, and later conquered by the “Catholic Kings” in 1487. The port of Malaga has always played a strategic role in each passing civilization. Today, Malaga is a cosmopolitan city and one of Spain’s most important commercial and cultural centres.
The event began with a welcome cocktail reception on Thursday evening with spectacular panoramic views of the cityscape and port at the rooftop terrace of the AC Marriott Malaga Palacio hotel. Friday’s conference consisted of 25 presentations on a wide range of topics held at Malaga’s Institute of Port Studies; followed by dinner and a flamenco show at one of the city’s most iconic restaurants, El Pimpi. And those who were able to stick around for Saturday’s tour enjoyed a little friendly competition on a scavenger hunt throughout the city centre!

For the original publication please refer to https://shiparrested.com/project/2018-annual-members-conference/

August 14, 2017

14th Shiparrested.com Conference | Photos

Conference day photos from the 14th Shiparrested.com conference, co-hosted by Lex Navicus Concordia in St. Petersburg.

The full set of about 300 photos is now available for all Shiparrested.com members (the password was circulated earlier amongst the network’s members) at http://shiparrested.com/project/2017-annual-members-meeting/